IamABLE to: Achieve It

Gingerbread Centre, Stoke on Trent

The Gingerbread Centre provides 24 hour supported accommodation for homeless vulnerable families from across North Staffordshire, including single parents, teen mothers and single pregnant women. The Foundation awarded the Gingerbread Centre with £15,540 to convert their communal lounge into an informal community ‘learning’ space.  The renovated lounge enables learning opportunities in an informal environment.   The room feels like an extension of the residents’ own living space, but with a range of educational resources including laptops, internet access and some specialist tutor support. 



Residents of The Gingerbread Centre enjoy using the Community Lounge as a family

Laura’s story – Achieve It:

Laura engaged with the Community ‘Learning’ Lounge from its opening.  Her primary need was to address her very low level of self-esteem and raise her aspirations.  Through engaging with the opportunities Laura’s confidence and self-belief grew and she successfully completed Maths and English courses.  Thanks to the support of the staff at Gingerbread and the progress she made, Laura was ‘ABLE’ to pursue further formal education courses and  attended college to do a full time child care course.  Laura also volunteered with Gingerbread during the summer to gain work experience supporting service users.

Laura said ‘I am really pleased to have been given the opportunity to volunteer and further my education.  The community ‘learning’ lounge gave me the opportunity to do further learning and it helped me get out of my flat. The community ‘learning’ lounge is great and so much better than how it was before the renovation.

Thanks to the Community learning Lounge Laura was #IamABLE to go to University and pursue a career in Social Care.’