Empowered Families Project Volunteers Gain Recognition
September 3, 2013

Empowered Families Project Volunteers Gain Recognition

Stoke on Trent 1000 Lives Community Champions organisation, partners were asked to nominate some of their volunteers to receive recognition for their dedication and hard work with their projects.

The Empowered Families Project Workers nominated a group of volunteers they felt deserved an award to recognise their support for the project which started in April 2012 and is funded by The Big Lottery.  The aim of the project is to empower and inspire lone parents and families to become involved in their communities by accessing and facilitating courses, activities and events which will improve confidence and self-esteem to focus beneficiaries back into education and employment by volunteering.

The 6 volunteers nominated and received awards were:-

Sandy Crook

Davina Clarke

Caroline Hollinshead

Leanne Mason

Jenni Blisczcak

Che Thirlaway

Dr Iona Jones presented the volunteers with their certificates at the event in Rowan Village in Meir, attended by over 100 people from local community agencies and volunteers.

Jenni Blisczcak, who has been with the project from the start and is now the chair of the local Focus Group she has set up with the support of The Empowered Families Project said “I never expected to receive this award – I am overwhelmed! It has really given me and the others a boost to be recognised in front of all these people”

Caroline Hollinshead who was a resident at the Gingerbread Centre, Normacot was unable to attend the event as she has now achieved her goal of gaining employment in a care role. By being part of the project and attending courses and training, this gave Caroline the confidence to look for work when the time came to move out of the Gingerbread Centre into the community.

Sandy Crook, Davina Clarke, Che Thirlaway and Leanne Mason were awarded certificates for their work with Prom Mum; a social enterprise business set up by Gingerbread and based at The Dudson Centre earlier this year to recycle and supply affordable prom dresses and party wear to the local community.  All 4 are also members of the Empowered Families Project Steering Group, who give advice and feedback to the project workers and focus groups on how the project should be run.

 Congratulations to all involved!