Mount Snowdon pain!
July 3, 2017

Mount Snowdon pain!

A couple of months ago, we were thinking of fundraising activities to help the vulnerable families that we are dedicated towards looking after, we began searching for a grand challenge, Mount Snowdon popped into the head of the Chief Executive, Wendy Hocking, as her Nemesis was Mount Snowdon, she had been up Snowdon three times before and vowed ‘never again!’ especially as she knew, it would be physically exhausting from those past experiences back when she was much younger and fitter!  Yet she decided to give it her all and to organise a Challenge event.

So it was agreed, leaving Biscuit the Gingerbead mascot at base, Wendy joined by a couple of the Trustees, Ele and Sandra, her PA Julie and their  accompanied friends and relatives, supported by Bruce Ridley, who is well used to this sort of activity, and who promised Wendy ‘I’ll push you up the mountain if necessary’ made plans to go via the Llanberis path which was to provide the group with a day of fun, about three hours up and a couple of hour down – allegedly.

There can be temperature differences of 10 degrees between Top and Bottom, so they planned and packed for the occasion.

So on Saturday, we met up and dressed in the bright orange Gingerbread T-shirts, promising to be visible from space! we had our photo opportunity, and our prep talk from Bruce, warning us of what was to be ahead, as only a day before, the news had mentioned that ‘far too many people were needing assistance to get off Snowdon” a few of us thought about staying put, but off we set, aiming to raise about £1,000 for the gingerbread centre, hoping that every step of the way up and most of the easier steps down will eventually put a smile back on the faces of our families in Stoke on Trent. 

Well, was it a Challenge, YES IT WAS! having been told that the Llanberis path was one of the easiest after doing it, the group are not so sure.  The Group spilt up almost immediately  walking at their own pace, the Chief Executive, Wendy walking the slowest, taking up the rear, while some mountain goat types, Bridgette, and Ele and her family were up at the front. 

The weather was kind, so much so that some of us got sunburnt on our faces!, the temperature dropped the higher we got up, and queuing for the comfort break gave us a rest that we had not anticipated.

We took our packed lunches and met up at halfway house, comparing moans about how steep the start was, yet little did we know that there were more steep bits to come!

At the Top, the clouds and mist were just starting to cover the mountain, but we still had good views! It was colder at the top, as advised, but another food and drink break, for us all including Bob Barlow and Ele his dog, (who seemed to like Mandy's sandwiches best) revived us before we started the walk down.

We had to be careful watching our step on the way down as our legs were a bit jelly like and the path uneven, a twisted ankle was not on the list! Luckily we all made it up and down and arrived back home safely, exhausted, nearly all of us wanting a hot bath.

After the walk Liz Steele said. ‘I did not get in touch with my ‘inner mountaineer’ ; I did get in touch with my ‘next time, just send the money’……………!

Mandy Ridley, said of the walk; just 2 words; ‘never again’

Ele Morrissey was much more enthusiastic commenting; ‘What a fab experience!’

Wendy Hocking, says that if anyone wants to donate and help us continue our essential work with vulnerable teenage parents and homeless families, please click here to be directed to her Just Giving page.

She has promised that the next challenge will be what Liz Steele suggested; a baking Challenge…… how about a Gingerbread Man bake! Watch this space…..