Mental Health Project funded by

Henry Smith Trust - This Project is now completed and we would like to thank the Henry Smith Trust for their support

The project aim is to support parents and children to deal with stress and bounce back from adversity and give them the opportunity to learn new things and adapt to change. The project is designed so that parents can get involved in activities that that are positive, build self- esteem and confidence and give a sense of meaning and purpose.

Often we see that parents with mental health problems struggle to engage with the support we offer. They can be reluctant to join in activities and become isolated even in a busy environment. This in turn can affect their children who miss taking part in activities and the interaction with other children therefore it is a supportive and motivational project for the whole family. The worker will also have the time to spend listening and supporting the whole family: reassuring the children and encouraging both parents and children to become involved in activities leading to more stability to the family unit.

As good mental or emotional health refers to the presence of positive characteristics rather than the absence of mental illness the outcomes of the project include managing mental health, social networks, work/training, relationships, identity and self-esteem, trust and hope.

Many of the parents involved in the project say they now have greater confidence and feel far less isolated. They feel more confident about leaving Gingerbread when the time comes for them to move in to their own home.