Stoke-on-Trent & District Gingerbread Centre Ltd.

During these unusual times, the Gingerbread Centre is still open, providing support to our residents, although we have changed to using more digital methods, like sending texts, using the telephone and face time rather than visiting face to face. This of course is to help protect both our residents and our staff.

Many of the back office staff and those who have an underlying health issue are working from home. They still can be contacted in the usual way, by email and telephone, as we have diverted the calls to allow them to receive them as normal.

Our residents are all on a low income, and sometimes struggle to get the food and essentials that they need, finding that the cheaper ranges in the supermarket have ran out and only the more expensive food is left. We have been assisting when needed to provide small food parcels and essential items, whilst we continue to encourage families to be independent.

The residents with us are doing their best in difficult circumstances, their flats are not huge, and they have no separate garden of their own, but they are taking advantage of being able to go for a walk, plus our activity club and staff have been providing activity packs for the parents to give to their children to help keep them entertained during the time in their flats.

We are currently in unprecedented times and we know that some families are ready to move but we are in lock down and following Government guidelines like most other organisations nationally, so those due to move on have not been able to, but this may change and so if you wish to make a referral to us, please continue to do so.

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About Us

The Gingerbread Centre was established in 1977 in Stoke-on-Trent, providing 24 hour supported accommodation for homeless lone parent families from across North Staffordshire. In 2014, we extended our service to include couples with children. We also work with partners across Stoke-on-Trent & North Staffordshire to provide floating support to families in the community at risk of homelessness.

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The families we accommodate include:

  • Lone fathers
  • Lone mothers
  • Teenage mothers
  • Single pregnant women
  • Couples with children
  • Teenage couples with children

We accommodate the most disadvantaged families with complex needs and recognise that homelessness is not the only area to address.

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