There are several ways you can donate to The Gingerbread Centre.

Making a donation is easy

We’ve made it easy to make donations. Whether it's via the ‘justgiving’ site, or the donation of any gifts, all are a great help to us and are very much appreciated by everyone at The Gingerbread Centre.

Alternatively, please send a cheque (made payable to "Stoke-on-Trent & District Gingerbread Centre Ltd") to

Rothesay Court
Furnace Rd

We happily receive gifts of new toys, gifts and items for our families and teenagers that we support, helping them to feel valued, worthy of nice things, to enjoy life and make the best of their time with us.

At Christmas the children and teenagers are all provided with at least three or four gifts from your generous donations.

When families move in, if they have not been able to bring all of their possessions with them, or they are having difficulty, a welcome pack full of useful household or personal items, and a gift for the children helps the out and gives them a boost.

If we are aware of a special event, such as a child or teenagers birthday we use the donations we receive to celebrate the event.

At Easter we have many kind donations of Easter eggs and we ensure they are distributed evenly to the children, teenagers and families, but also some are used as prizes at the Easter activities.

At certain times of the year we get lots of generous donations and there are a few ways in which you can help us with the sorting and distribution of the gifts.

• We do not accept toy guns, knives, or swords etc.

• New gifts, or second hand gifts still in their packaging are best.

• Second hand gifts are accepted but should all be in excellent condition.

• Clothing or material items if not brand new need to be washed, folded and packaged neatly

• Toys and gifts are best unwrapped so that we can see the item which helps us with the distribution.

• If gifts are gift wrapped, the age range suitability of the toy or game as shown on the toy labelling, should be written on the paper or added to the gift tag, and also if you feel the toy would be best suited to a boy or a girl you can state this too. Ie; unisex, up to age 7.

There are times when we get gifts that we find difficult to decide which family or child should receive them, such as very high value gifts or special gifts, when this happens we sometimes make the decision to use the gift in a different way, this could be;

• Use as a raffle or Auction prize at a fundraising event.

• Pass the parcel game or similar.

• A prize for an activity we put on.

• Sold on ebay.

• Donated to another charity.

• In the play area of the lounges in the accommodation units.

• Used in the activity clubs in the unit.

Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate

Charity Gift Aid Declaration

Please complete the above Charity Gift Aid Declaration form if you are a current UK taxpayer.  This enables us to reclaim the Gift Aid on the tax you pay for your donation - thank you.

Raise money with online shopping, at no extra cost!

You can also make free donations to us when you shop at various online shops, visit easyfundraising and log in before you shop online. If you haven’t yet registered, it takes only a minute or two. Simply visit: then follow the steps to shop and raise free donations on eligible purchases.

You can also support us through Lyme Lottery and Potto Lotto.

We are also registered with AmazonSmile. Simply select The Gingerbread Centre as your chosen charity for your online purchases and anything eligible will raise a 0.5% donation to us. You just have to remember to click on when shopping. Once you have selected our charity once, it will automatically remember you the next time you shop.