Over the last few weeks, two groups from the 2021 National Citizen Service Scheme (NCS) have been at The Stoke Gingerbread Centre supporting homeless families helped by the Centre.

At Rothesay Court, the Group gained sponsorship for litter picking in Hanley and then used the money raised to buy art and craft materials for Gingerbread’s Activity Club and household essentials, including toiletries and cleaning materials, for the families. These were made up into sets which are given to families who arrive at Gingerbread with nothing, or as starter packs to families who are moving on, back into a home of their own.

The second group came to Catherine Court and painted the garden sheds and gates as well as installing solar lights in the garden and decorating the tree to transform the outdoor space for the families.

“We are very grateful for the support that NCS give to Gingerbread. The fact that they want to come and help us and our families is great and we really appreciate it. We look forward to working with them again in 2022.”

Designed especially for 16 and 17 year olds, the NCS experience gives young people a clearer idea of what they want from their future. It is a youth programme like no other. On the Scheme, they take on fresh challenges together. Along the way, they also get a taste for independence and pick up skills that’ll help them smash their future goals.

The Gingerbread Centre is pleased to be part of an experience that might last just a few weeks, but the impact can last a lot longer!