The digger is on site and started work this week on the much needed refurbishment of our outdoor communal and play area.

A complete modernisation programme will be undertaken which will involve the removal of a dividing wall, relaying of a block surface, new play equipment and the laying of a new, safe play surface around the equipment. The total cost of the refurbishment will be just over £24k.

It will be an amazing new space. We are very grateful to all of the organisations that have helped fund this project. In particular, we would like to thank the Denise Coates Foundation for their significant contribution to the overall cost of the work. Their support has ensured that it is happening this year.

Every child has the right to play regardless of their circumstances. Being made homeless and perhaps losing your garden can be very traumatic, particularly for children. At present, there is no useable outdoor playground at Gingerbread, but this refurbishment will put that right and the children staying there will, at last, have a fantastic new multi-purpose, play space.