Introducing our Board of Trustees

#TrusteesWeek 2018 is coming to an end, but we would like to say thank you to our amazing Board of Trustees, who play a vital role in ensuring the smooth running & effective governance of our charity.

The Role of the Board of Trustees:

  • Key purpose is to ensure that we manage and oversee The Gingerbread Centre so that we are sustainable and making the right decisions for the future of the organisation.
  • We meet monthly to discuss the affairs of Gingerbread Centre and vote on any decisions that need to be made.
  • We all bring skills and expertise to the board so that we can offer the necessary support, guidance and governance.

Here are some interesting facts about our “black belt” Chair, Adele Bryant:

 Adele Bryant, Chair

  • Self-employed business strategist and leadership coach / trainer
  • Former cancer research scientist with 10 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry ‘Big Pharma’.
  • Mum of two (plus a very spoilt Cocker Spaniel ‘Dexter’)
  • Loves the sea, coffee and a good book!
  • Black belt in Taekwondo

The key features of the Chair role include:

  • Organise and coordinate the board’s activities.
  • Lead and support the member of the board / Chief Executive.
  • Act as the liaison between the board and Chief Executive.

 Introducing our “animal loving” Vice Chair, Ele Morrissey (who we also previously interviewed earlier this week):

 Ele Morrissey, Vice Chair

  • 20 years working in senior HR roles, before becoming self-employed.
  • Passion for animals; 2 cockapoos, 5 cats and a shark!
  • Loves exercising, running, boxing.

Introducing our Treasurer, Anne-Marie Tierney, who would “love to talk to you about chickens”:

 Anne-Marie Tierney, Treasurer

  • Former business accountant who was poached to work for the dark side… Commercial accountancy!
  • Keeps chickens as pets… Ann-Marie says “They are the best pets ever! If you want to meet one let me know and I can bring one into the office. In fact I can bore you for hours on chickens so will stop there!”
  • Loves Victoria Sponge… it’s the best cake ever!

Finally introducing our “Motorsport fanatic” Trustee, Claire McQuillan:

 Claire McQuillan, Trustee

  • Experienced in IT and telecommunications sales management, with a passion for fundraising.
  • Motorsport and golf fan.
  • Loves walking her dog and a good book!

On a final note, our Board of Trustees will be at our Annual General Meeting tonight (Thursday 15 November 2018) at 6.00pm which is being held at The Dudson Centre in Hanley, so please come along and meet them.