Mental Health Project – Update

Since May 2018, 244 well-being visits have been completed with families. Some families may only need brief interventions, including a visit once a week, while others require more intensive support which will initially include visits every day. Residents who have given feedback on wellbeing visits said that they had improved their wellbeing stating that it helps to have someone to talk to about how they feel. One resident wrote “Leanne will come to my flat and help me calm down if I was in a mess, she helped me see sense in difficult situations. Leanne helped me start to come to terms with my past events and referred me to Savannah.”

Group sessions held at both Rothesay Court and Catherine Court are aimed at promoting wellbeing. The Mental Health Worker runs groups or liaises with external agencies to run groups with residents. One resident who particularly struggled with group settings, confidence and self-esteem stated “Groups in the lounge help with my confidence, self-esteem and artistic skills. I love being able to get involved in things and was helped by being supported to the groups.”

Since May 2018, 10 new referrals have been made into external mental health agencies. 4 families have been supported re-engaging with services that they had struggled or stopped engaging with. Residents gave feedback such as “If it wasn’t for the Mental Health Worker I don’t think I’d be able to talk and cope with the things that happened to me since being a teenager. Being referred to Changes Mental Health is helping me to come to terms with my past.”