Red Head Day Fundraiser

Our Chief Executive, Wendy Hocking, has been busy changing her hair colour to red or orange or a mixture of both, every day this week as part of a sponsored Red Head Day UK challenge, which is officially today, 16th May 2020.

Wendy promised to do this long before we were involved in lockdown.  Ordinarily, it would have been quite eventful as she would be attending Council meetings and partnership meetings throughout the week.  Instead, Wendy has been delighting and surprising people during video meetings on Zoom and Teams.  When she visited our 2 accommodation units this week for a health and safety walk around, she had forgotten that her hair was a different colour and wondered why she was receiving strange looks from the staff team.

Wendy reads a story most evenings to her grandchildren.  When the 4 year old wondered why Nanny’s hair was strange, he was told that ‘Nanny is dyeing her hair for Charity’.  He replied quizzically, ‘Nanny’s hair has died?’  Wendy said; ‘Luckily I had already planned and ordered my red/orange hair colouring before lockdown, but doing it every morning and trying my best not to get it everywhere, was itself quite a challenge, not least how much shampoo I had to use every evening to remove it!’

If you would like to help Wendy raise funds for The Gingerbread Centre via her Just Giving page, Click here to donate.