We’re wearing purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Day

Today, Thursday 15th October, is Domestic Violence Awareness Day. Here at The Gingerbread Centre we’re hoping that by wearing something purple we can raise awareness of domestic violence and its long-term effects, as this has affected many of the people we support.

Below are the words of a woman who has been helped by The Gingerbread Centre:

‘I moved into Gingerbread due to domestic violence.  I need to keep my baby safe which I didn’t do with my other children.  The domestic violence had been going on for many years but it felt difficult and very scary to leave my home.

When I first moved in I thought I would be on my own.  I didn’t know what to expect and I was feeling stressed and in a dream.  I didn’t want to leave my home but the staff are really helpful and sorted out things that I couldn’t bring with me including toiletries and food.  I was supported to register with a local GP and supported preparing for my baby to arrive. I attended activities and group sessions at Gingerbread and I got to meet other families so I didn’t feel so alone.  That helped me a lot. 

I am glad I came and everything has been really positive. I am a much more settled now with my life.  My depression is much better and I feel safe.  It’s strange but I miss my partner but I realise how he controlled me and unless he changes I know there is no future for us which does make me unhappy at times.  My focus is on my baby and I do feel more confident and the staff have been great.  I am having the support I need and understand more what domestic abuse is and how it can affect your life.’