The role of Night Support Worker, by Maria Yen

Night Support Worker

“Hi my name is Maria Yen and I work as part of the out of hours team at Rothesay Court.

The role of Night Support Worker is slightly different from the day workers as a lot of time is spent lone working. They are 12 hour shifts and staying awake can be a challenge, so a cup of strong tea is a must plus good music on the radio.

Night Support Worker is just what the name implies we support residents through the night, with anything from the need to contact out of hours medical advice (111), to counting the minutes between contractions with a heavily expectant mum, to sitting and listening to someone who is having a difficult time mentally or physically and if necessary, contact the relevant service offered. We also complete extra visits through the night if a resident or their child is unwell to offer support at a time when it can feel as if you’re doing it all alone.

Night Support Workers have the job of ensuring the building is also safe checking for any hazards around the building for example prams being stored safely so the corridors are clear in case there is a fire… we can often be seen wheeling prams into the pram store in the small hours of the morning as we do our checks around the building to ensure residents are settled for the night.

We complete Fire Awareness sessions with new residents, explain how the alarm system works, where the fire exits are and where they need to be for the roll call to check everyone is out safely. The Fire Service also come to do talks to offer advice while here at Rothesay Court and information to carry on when the residents move on to their own homes.

We also complete checks on all areas of the building, for example the laundries and communal social areas, to reduce accidents as much as possible.

The role can be tiring but is also very rewarding.”